smart curtain

Wi-Fi and Zigbee
Custom smart curtains

We are a trade factory in mainland China. The product has a complete FCC and CE certification. We can mass produce the smart curtain according to customer requirements, as well as brand and label customization. Our product quality is guaranteed and the delivery time is fast. Customers who need cooperation are welcome to contact us at any time.

Before buying, you must contact customer service and provide your window photo, track installation location, track length, curtain opening and closing method, and motor installation location. After we receive your request, we will draw the picture and send it to you for inspection. If it is correct, we will customize the production and it will take about 3-5 days to complete, and then we will send the video to you to watch. We use DHL for free shipping, and customers can receive it within 5-8 days.

Wi-Fi smart curtain

Wi-Fi smart shutter

Zigbee smart shutter

Frequently asked questions

Smart curtains are an upgrade of traditional curtains, using smart motors, which can be controlled by remote control, mobile app control, smart speaker voice control, setting timing, etc.

Smart life or Tuya.

Must be connected to 2.4G HZ Wi-Fi.

If installed in the frame, the actual window distance is reduced by 2cm.

If it is installed outside the frame, the track length needs to be extended, according to customer requirements.

Production can be completed within 3-5 days under normal conditions.

We use DHL express delivery, generally only 4-7 days can be delivered.

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