zigbee smart push switch 1-ganng UK(No neutral Wire)



Tuya zigbee smart switch,Must cooperate with Tuya zigbee smart gateway to work.
Single FireWire access
Amazon echo dot Google home mini voice wifi smart switch touch mobile phone app remote control
▶Input / output voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
▶Maximum power: 2000W
▶Maximum current: 10A
▶Transmission distance: infinity
▶Size: 86*86*40mm (length * width * height)
▶Net weight: 151.1g Packing box weight: 210.4g
▶Material: PC fireproof base
▶APP support languages: Chinese, Traditional, English, Arabic,
Spanish, French, Russian, German, Italian,
Japanese, Dutch (language according to the customer’s mobile phone setting language
▶Function introduction: Mechanical smart push switch, support AmazonAlexa, google home voice control, mobile phone remote control,Time switch, countdown function, and weather forecast smart switch
▶ APP software: support Android 4.0/ios 8.0



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